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All our cleaners follow a protocol and their office cleaner checklist to ensure that every area of your office is covered. We pride ourselves in being thorough and providing high-quality house cleaning services that will leave you wondering why you didn't call us sooner!
Office Cleaning Melbourne

Commercial Cleaning Services

Maintaining a working environment that is clean and sanitary is mandatory for all commercial businesses. In addition to providing a safe and healthy workplace for staff, the state of your premises also offers a reflection of your business to all clients and visitors. We understand how important it is to maintain high standards of cleanliness in your commercial buildings. As specialists in corporate and commercial cleaning, we have been providing professional services to local businesses and companies. Our cleaners at ICC provide a user-friendly experience for all our clients, offering flexibility in order to meet your specific needs

Office Cleaning Melbourne

Specialising In Office Cleaning

Has your office seen better days? Perhaps there’s dust collecting, carpet and floor stains or even dirty windows. Most of the time there are far more important things to spend your time on than cleaning. There’s no need to get your hands dirty to clean your office — let the team at ICC do all the hard work for you! We have the resources and expertise within our team to manage all your office cleaning needs. From floors to ceilings and everything in between, our professional cleaners will get the job done. 

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

School Cleaning Service

No children or parents want to deal with illness or health issues that could have been easily avoided by meticulous regular cleaning. Our commercial cleaning services are expert commercial cleaners, fully certified to clean schools, collages and university campuses.

ICC thoroughly background check, and provide ongoing support and training for all staff and we are able to provide staff with working with children checks.

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Expert Factory Cleaning Melbourne

Here at ICC, we understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why our factory cleaning service is individually tailored to each business and includes specialist cleaning as necessary. This may include the cleaning of high windows, exterior pressure cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor maintenance and major disinfecting. We’ll also look for the hidden dirt in your factory that other cleaning companies would overlook. Things like dirt on top of cabinets and architraves, and the hand prints on regularly used surfaces — look for the layers of neglect that are wiped away!

Office Cleaning Melbourne

Gym & Fitness Center Cleaning

ICC, can help keep your fitness center looking clean and presentable for your valuable members. Cleaning a gym can be an incredibly exhausting process, especially thoroughly cleaning around heavy-duty gym equipment.

Keeping your gym looking sparkling will not only help to keep your existing customers happy but also help you make the best possible impression on prospective customers

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Healthcare & Medical Center Cleaning

Whether you’re a dentist, a doctors office, a physiotherapist, an aged care facility or provide a similar service- you can be sure that ICC has the necessary training and experience to meet the most strict cleaning requirements. We understand the sensitivity and social nuances of cleaning within the health care system and our staff carry out their duties with empathy and awareness. To continue to ensure the highest standards we complete, thorough background checks on all prospective staff, and provide comprehensive training programs.

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