Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

The risks of cleaning your own business

Cleaning your own business might seem like a good way to save money, especially if you are a small company and you are just starting out. Depending upon the enterprise, this can have some surprising hazards and unexpected hazards.

  1. Customer or Employee Slips And Falls

Wet floors, shiny floors and floors with irregularities can cause injuries. If you or your regular staff are doing the cleaning, then it is your liability insurance that will be charged. If you employ a cleaning company, their insurance will be the one to cover any injuries.

  1. Professional Cleaning Products

Cleaning chemicals can be a real hazard, especially if you happen to mix the wrong ones. For example, a bleach-based cleaner should never be used in the same solution as one with an ammonia base. When you hire a professional cleaner, they are well-versed in their cleaners. Not only do they know what not to use together, they know the right chemicals for each cleaning job.

  1. Ladders, Moving Parts, and Tight Places

Dusting tall shelves, getting into furnace cavities or under sink areas, or into backs of cabinets can all present their own sorts of hazard. These range from falling off an unstable ladder to getting nipped by a brown recluse or black widow spider. A cleaning injury to you or to a key employee can put a serious crimp in your business day, to say nothing of the paperwork, insurance rate hikes and more.

  1. Comprehensively Insured 

Cleaners often work in secure areas such as offices where sensitive materials are kept, or even places where controlled substances are stored. Your licensed cleaning company has insured employees who understand the critical components of honesty and confidentiality.

  1. Cost of Equipment

Scrubbers, buffers and even vacuum cleaners can be high dollar investments. A large buffer can be a considerable investment for a small business, but becomes far less imposing when that buffer is used to clean floors in several different establishments.

  1. Loss of Time

When you or your regular staff are cleaning, you are not engaged in the activities that are likely to bring in revenue. While for some employees the difference in the time spent cleaning and their regular duties might be negligible, for highly trained specialists you could be losing a great deal of money. Some cleaning projects, such as the inside of server cabinets, might be best cleaned by your IT or specialty staff, but using your professional staff for routine maintenance is frequently a mismanagement of funds.


Hiring a bonded, licensed, well-trained cleaning company like Commercial Cleaning Melbourne to do the routine maintenance for your company is an investment that will save you liability, time, and money. More than that, it will boost employee morale, especially among those highly trained professionals who might feel that their talents are wasted when their time is spent mopping floors. In addition, a professional cleaning crew will put your business in shape for your operations, and looking good for your customers.